Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lazy Saturday

Well, the fall weather has set in, and it has definitely gotten colder. I love the crisp air in the fall, that is, I love it when I'm outdoors....but our reluctance to turn our furnace on for the season has left me not loving the extreme crisp air indoors. The inside of our house actually seems to be 10-15 degrees cooler than outside, which has been getting a little uncomfortable.

You might ask why we don't just turn on the heat. Well, we strive each year to hold out as long as possible. I thought we might last until Thanksgiving, John thought until just the beginning of November. We might make his mark if we can hold off a few more days, but we definitely won't make it to Thanksgiving.

The reason we procrastinate on turning on the heat is that we have an 80 year old giant of a furnace that sucks oil in the the most inefficient way and is sadly not all that effective unless turned up pretty high. Thankfully, it looks like oil prices are dropping a little, but considering we have a 250 gallon oil tank in our basement and oil is still above $3 a gallon...we are not looking forward to having to fill it.

Take today for example. I worked last night, and slept most of the day, and while I am cocooned upstairs in my bedroom with the space heater running, it's actually pretty comfortable. Once I leave this room, that's when comfort ends, because the rest of the house is frigid. Unfortunately, John is down in Philly at his parents new (warm) house, so I am left here in the cold all by myself. I was thinking of going to Panera Bread for two reasons - 1) hot soup sounds amazing, and 2) they heat that place... The only problem is, I really need to shower if I am going to allow myself to go in public, but the thought of my ice cold bathroom is enough to deter me from my dreams of steaming cheddar and broccoli soup with a grilled chicken caesar salad.

Okay, so it's possible I may be overstating it just a bit, but it's just really cold in here...