Sunday, November 16, 2008

Good news so far

Well, just an update on how things are going with John. His surgery went well, and according to Dr. Wong, his CT scan looked clear. That might mean that the surgery got all the cancer. He goes back to both the urologist and oncologist next week for follow up tests to make sure his tumor markers have gone down, and to check on the pathology of the tumor. I guess from the pathology they can tell how aggressive/invasive the tumor was, and it will determine if he might need a couple rounds of chemotherapy. We are not in the clear yet, but right now he has been having the best possible results. Hopefully it will continue that way.

As for his recovery, he is doing well. He is in quite a bit of pain, and aside from the occasional walks around the house, he is not really getting around too much just yet. Thankfully, he is doing the stairs pretty well, so at least he doesn't have to sleep in his chair in the living room. Our couch is a little too deep and low to the ground, so it is kind of painful for him, so we have one of our Lafuma lawn chairs that reclines completely set up with blankets for him in living room. He has pretty much been living in that spot for the past few days.

Other than that, all is well. I had another ultrasound on Friday, at which point they still couldn't see the heartbeat, but based on the measurements they say the baby is growing which is all they are worried about. From all the reading I have done about this whole tipped uterus thing, it seems pretty common that they are unable to see the heartbeat at the beginning. Some women have said that they were unable to see the heartbeat at all until the second trimester. That being said, they told me dates which absolutely make no sense. We are really waiting until the uterus flips forward to get an accurate date. All in all I am still feeling well. Still no nausea, and I'll feel really fortunate if it stays that way since I am terrified of throwing up.

Well, gotta go. We'll keep this updated as we know more.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

All in Equal Measure...

Well it has been a busy past couple weeks.

About a month ago, John and I learned that we are going to become parents. We are very excited, and so far everything has been going pretty well. I have been feeling great - aside from some late-night heartburn and the fact that I just can't shake the feeling of being tired. Working nights probably doesn't help the fatigue, but it's not all that bad. We went for our first ultrasound last week, however we have to go back this week because they were unable to see the heartbeat. It turns out I have a tipped or retroverted uterus, which is not really a problem for the pregnancy because at about 16-20wks it will just flop forward into the normal position on it's own. Until then though, it makes it difficult to see the baby's size or heartbeat on ultrasound. Because of that, we have been getting dates that are all over the map. All I can say at this point with any certainty is that at some point next summer we will hopefully be having this baby... :)

The other news that we learned last week is that John has been diagnosed with testicular cancer. He was supposed to have a CT scan yesterday, but it got rescheduled for today. Hopefully it will give us some more information about the extent of this tumor, such as whether or not there is any lymph node involvement. His surgery is scheduled for tomorrow (Thurs) at 10:00am. We are really asking for prayers for him at that time, and we are praying for the best case scenario which is that the tumor is removed and there is no other cancer.

We are also praying for a speedy recovery for John. He is having a radical orchiectomy, which is an outpatient surgery, so they will operate in the morning and only keep him in recovery for a few hours before sending us home. At the very least, he is probably going to miss our ultrasound which is scheduled for the next day, which he is really disappointed about. They told him to expect a 2-3 wk recovery before returning to regular activities. I know he is not looking forward to being stuck at home for that long, not to mention having to get lesson plans ready for a sub for that amount of time.

I guess that's really everything. Please keep us in your prayers during this uncertain time.