Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sara Claypool, RN, BSN

Hi...okay, so I did exactly what John said I would do... I posted a few times, and then got side-tracked and forgot about the blog. Anyway, since my last post, a few exciting things have happened.

I started my new job at Miriam Hospital, which I am really enjoying. I am on 3 North which is a med-surg floor. I am in my 5th week of orientation on the day shift (7a-7p), and in 3 weeks I switch to the night shift (7p-7a). It's going well, but I am pretty exhausted...I'm not exactly a morning person, so 7a is a little bit of a challenge for me.

Also, even better than the job is that I took my boards on July 15th and passed. I am officially an RN. No more studying, no more practice questions...!!!

John and I officially joined Christ Church. We have been going to church and small group Bible study there for a couple years. Every time we saw the announcement for the new members class in the bulletin we said we should go, so we finally did. Here's their website:

Other than that, John and I have been getting underway with some more house projects. John has been working on trim and painting in the kitchen and I am working on the front porch. Always something to work on in this house.